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Name:Nylon Cable Ties- Barb-Lock Type
Material-Tie:Nylon 66
Material- Locking Barb:Stainless Steel Grade 304
Temperature Range:-40℃to 85℃
Color:Nature or Black
Flammability:UL94 V-2
Other properties:Halogen Free

Product Description


Product Feature

- Stainless steel barb provides consistent performance and reliability   and infinite adjustability through entire bundle range.

- High Strength and low thread force.

- Stippled strap body prevents lateral movement on the bundle.

- Curved tip is easy to pick up from flat surfaces and allows faster initial threading to speed installation. 

- High loop Strength exceeds industry standards.

- A variety of materials are available for specific applications.

- For indoor or outdoor use.

Available Special Requirements

- Flame retardant(UL94 V-0).

- UV Resistant, ideal for outdoor with lots of sunlight.

- Heat stabilized(up to +125). Ideal for environment with high temperature. 

- Ideal for environment requires low flammability and low smoke, such as   public transportation, tunnel, etc.

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