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Name:Acetal Weather Resistant Double Buckle Tie
Material-Strap&Head:Toughened weather aceta
Material-Locking barb:Marine grade, corrosion- resistant 304 stainless steel
Temperature Range:-40℃ to 85℃
Flammability Rating:UL 94 HB
Other Properties:UV-resistant, Halogen free, superior resistance to moisture and salt water environments.

Product Description


Product Feature

- Black acetal strap and head material provide 20+ years outdoor life and   high impact resistance.

- Excellent ultraviolet light, chemical, and moisture resistance. 

- Extremely robust ties, with high tensile strength (1112N) after fastening. 

- DoubleStainlessSteellockingbarbsprovideconsistentandpredictableholdingvalues. 

- Ideal for securing cables in outdoor messenger strand applications. 

- Convenient reel dispenser pack allows installer to cut-to-size for customized   field applications. 

- Several pre-cut sizes have lead-in style angled tips on pre-assembled straps   for easy installation, even with gloved hands, to speed installation.

- Maybe used with stackable aeribal cable spacer.

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